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Pentax to launch the K-2 hybrid camera with OVF and EVF?
Pentax to launch the K-2 hybrid camera with OVF and EVF?
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Pentax to launch the K-2 hybrid camera with OVF and EVF?

A strange rumor just popped up, it seems that there's an info sheet leaked about a Pentax K-2.  While that in itself isn't that interesting to mirrorless, what is interesting is that it claims that the camera has a dual viewfinder.  "An optical viewfinder with the electronic viewfinder overlay covering almost 100% of the visual field, magnificatino factogr of 0.7"

Now it could mean that they are using an electronic screen to communicate AF points and other information such as histogram, but you wouldn't normally call that an electronic viewfinder overlay - simply an LCD, OLED,etc overlay.  Nor would you call that "Dual Viewfinder".

This could very well be the world's first true optical DSLR and mirrorless hybrid camera.  While Fujifilm does a rangefinder OVF/EVF hybrid, a DSLR hybrid would still offer the benefits of optical through the lens viewfinder and EVF, combining the best of both worlds.


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