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Olympus OM-D EM-5 Mark III Reviews
Olympus OM-D EM-5 Mark III Reviews
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Olympus OM-D EM-5 Mark III Reviews

We have here a couple of reviews of the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III.   

Key features of the E-M5 Mark III;

  • 20MP Four Thirds sensor
  • 121-point hybrid autofocus system
  • 50MP high-res shot mode
  • 10 fps burst shooting with AF-C
  • Cinema (DCI) and UHD 4K video
  • Up 6.5EV of image stabilization (CIPA-rating) with supported lenses
  • 2.36M-dot OLED viewfinder with 60 fps refresh rate
  • Extensive direct controls and articulating touchscreen
  • Weather-sealed body
  • In-camera USB charging
  • 1/8000 sec mechanical shutter speed


Dpreview rated it at 82% and a silver award.


  • Good JPEG and Raw image quality
  • Pleasing colors out-of-camera
  • Attractive design, excellent build quality
  • Impressive image stabilization
  • Updated OLED viewfinder panel
  • Good quality 4K video, low rolling shutter
  • 10fps burst shooting (electronic shutter)
  • High-res mode gives good detail boost and noise benefit for static subjects
  • Live Time feature makes long exposure photography easier
  • Lots of direct control, good ergonomics and customization
  • In-camera Raw conversion
  • Plentiful options for customizing JPEGs
  • Fast UHS-II memory card slot
  • USB charging
  • IPX1 rated weather sealing


  • Unimpressive continuous autofocus and tracking performance
  • Menus are dense and have no indexing and color coding
  • Using the Function lever for autofocus modes ignores face/eye detect, focus limiter settings
  • No option to disable eye sensor when screen is flipped out, is difficult to shoot from the hip
  • So-so battery life
  • No headphone socket
  • No Log profile for video


The Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III gets a lot of things right. It produces great images, is packed with fun and genuinely useful features, is well-built and beautifully designed, and above all, fun to use and take control over. Unfortunately, its autofocus just can't keep up with the competition and the overly complex user interface could use updating. But for many types of photography, the E-M5 Mark III will be a rewarding and capable choice.


CameraLabs brings you three videos on the OM-D E-M5 Mark III and concludes;

Ultimately the EM5 Mark III becomes one of the most compelling cameras at its price point, testament to how good the series already was, but now enhanced further with Olympus’s best sensor to deliver a big upgrade in continuous autofocus. I’d have liked it even more with Auto ISO for manual movies and location tagging over Bluetooth – both of which are common on its rivals – and I’m a little frustrated greater differentiation in the range has driven the loss of some features from its predecessor, most notably the metal body, larger viewfinder and some connectivity. But the controls and weather-proofing remain arguably the best in its peer group, and the stabilisation remains unrivalled too, which in turn allows you to handhold surprisingly slow shutter speeds and deploy low sensitivities where the sensor performs similarly to larger models. Again if you demand lower noise above 1600 ISO or the most confident movie autofocus, then there are better options, but as an overall package it’s hard to find a more rounded camera than the EM5 III. Do compare it closely with the higher-end Olympus OMD EM1 II which, with discounting, comes close to the launch price of its newer sibling and makes more sense in the short-term, but over time the EM5 III will settle into becoming one of the most desirable cameras in its category and proves there’s plenty of life left in the Micro Four Thirds system.


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