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Interview with Tamron: Possible FE 70-200, Canon RF and Nikon Z mount lenses
Interview with Tamron: Possible FE 70-200, Canon RF and Nikon Z mount lenses

Interview with Tamron: Possible FE 70-200, Canon RF and Nikon Z mount lenses

The French website Phototrend interviewed Kenji Nakagawa and Koji Satoh from Tamron.

Tamron mentions that they feel the Canon RF and the Nikon Z mounts are important, and that they will be developing lenses for those mounts if the demand increases (which it will most likely do);

Kenji Nakagawa: We put more human resources on the development of full-format hybrid lenses. We started with the Sony FE mount and of course we are now in research and development on the Canon EOS R and Nikon Z frames. For Canon and Nikon frames, we consider it important to be present.

If the demand for new full-format hybrid systems increases, then we will develop products for these systems.

There are some differences in the mounts between Sony FE, Canon RF and Nikon Z, as well as communication differences.  That may pose difficulties, but Tamron is in the midst of research on the new mounts and what is needed to be done;

Koji Satoh: We do not know yet if we can introduce this type of optical design on the EOS R mount or Nikon Z in the future, because we are still studying these frames. These devices use very different control systems so we have to study them first before we can decide.

Between the new Canon, Nikon or Sony frames, each system has a different diameter and optical print so the angle at which the light touches the sensor is different so we have to be very attentive to that. Of course, we are ready to develop our lenses on Canon and Nikon frames.

Seems like there is the possibility of a 70-200 or similar lens from Tamron for Sony FE users;

Kenji Nakagawa: Regarding our strategy for the hybrid, today we already have a 28-75mm f / 2.8 and we announced the development of 17-28mm f / 2.8. We should also propose later another zoom lens that will cover the telephoto zoom range. Once available, this lens will cover the 17mm focal range at the telephoto. This is the first step to reach.

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