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Funleader Lenscap 18mm F8.0
Funleader Lenscap 18mm F8.0
MirrorlessReports Admin

Funleader Lenscap 18mm F8.0

Funleader is having a kickstarter campaign for a Lenscap for the Sony E mount and L mount, with other mounts coming out later.

Basically it's an 18mm F8.0 lens, you use hyperfocal focusing, which means there is no focusing provided by the lens, it's basically "F8.0 and be there".  There's no apeture either.  Just put it on and shoot.  Can't get much easier than that.

FUNLEADER Cap Lens 18mm f/8 doesn’t carry any of electronic component, makes it as light as a feather. You can keep it on your camera and capture every great moment anytime, anywhere. With the ultra-wide-angle 18mm focal length and f/8 fixed aperture, FUNLEADER Cap Lens helps you to capture more beauty. The closest focusing distance of FUNLEADER Cap Lens is 0.8. It doesn’t need auto-focus particles[elements] because it takes advantage of the concept of Hyper-focal distance.  

As far as other mounts, Funleader says this;

At the moment, we have SONY E Mount and LEICA T Mount. Canon EOS R and Fuji X Mount is definitely in our roadmap, and we target to launch in early 2020.


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