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Apple iPhone 11 Pro Review
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Review
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Apple iPhone 11 Pro Review

Part of our starting to monitor and report on Smartphone news, we also have this review by PhotographyBlog for the Apple iPhone 11 Pro.  The iPhone 11 Pro features for the first time in an iPhone a triple camera.

PhotographyBlog gives the iPhone 11 Pro 4.5 out of 5 stars with the following conclusion;

If you already have an iPhone and are thinking of upgrading because of the camera, this is a worthy upgrade - even if you’re using something as recent as the iPhone XS, but, this being Apple it does come at an obviously large price premium.

For advanced photographers who want flexibility, the fact that the iPhone 11 Pro has a very simple and straightforward camera app might be off-putting, while to beginners who just want to take great shots, it’ll be appealing.

Your feelings on whether or not you’d like to buy an iPhone might have nothing to do with the camera set up - you might be invested in the Apple ecosystem, prefer the look and usability of iOS or have concerns about the security of Android systems.

However, if the quality of the onboard camera is at the top of your considerations, then there is an awful lot to like about the iPhone 11 Pro. The biggest question is whether it outperforms the likes of the Huawei P30 Pro or the Samsung Galaxy S10+. The simple is, yes in terms of a uniform look and feel across its three lenses, but otherwise the quality is a very close run thing.

Read the full review here

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