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An 8K EOS R5 is being announced soon
An 8K EOS R5 is being announced soon
MirrorlessReports Admin

An 8K EOS R5 is being announced soon

A French website leaked an article early which confirms the swirling rumors around the EOS R5.  Canon is indeed back in the game, and looking to rock the industry as they once did in the past.

What we know from the leak is that this camera will have

  • 8K video
  • Full-width 4K
  • IBIS

So this means the sensor has to be around 45MP as the rumors suggested for 8K video.

The article, translated by Google;

A technological war machine, the EOS R5 is the first hybrid camera announced with an 8K video mode. To this first is added the stabilization of the sensor (a first for Canon) or a burst at 20 frames per second.

Canon seems to have understood that these EOS R and EOS RP were not really technologically advanced. As a result of which he takes out of his hat a development announcement that is fun to read. The EOS R5, which should arrive later this year, will thus be the first “serious” case of the RF mount. The little that Canon has agreed to share is enough to make you salivate.

In the front row, there is the video, 8K! A world first in the world of consumer cameras. An unprecedented skill that would allow Canon to take back the king of video, lost during the transition to 4K for the benefit of Panasonic and other Sony.
Canon does not advertise any frame rate, compression (codec), etc. We will have to wait for the launch announcement to find out more.

The other big news is the arrival of mechanical stabilization of the sensor, a first for Canon. This lack of stabilization is partly responsible for the poor ratings we have given to the EOS R and EOS RP.
According to some information leaks, mechanical stabilization alone would gain up to five speeds. Coupled with the optical and electronic stabilizations included in certain optics, this mechanical stabilization could allow gaining up to eight speeds.

Then Canon announces an impressive burst of 20 frames per second in electronic shutter, as with the Sony A9, and a burst at 12 frames per second in mechanical shutter, like sports cameras from Canon and Nikon (1DX Mark II or D5) .
Leading performance that we hope followed by level tracking algorithms. Let us also hope that the buffer memory is generous so that the “sport” potential is not restricted.

Finally, the EOS R5 will have two memory card slots, which will change from the first models limited to a single card - sometimes even placed in the battery compartment, as with the EOS RP.

All this information had been announced several days in advance with great precision by the Canon Rumors site. A correctness that encourages us to echo here the other elements that have leaked: the sensor would be a CMOS of 45 Mpix, the 8K video would rotate at 30 frames per second (and 4K at 120 fps!) And the battery would be a new model compatible with the EOS 5D Mark IV.

After disappointing cameras, Canon could finally launch a camera that is at the level of its superb RF optics. For the launch date, you will have to hold your breath, Canon has not communicated anything yet. But the imminent arrival of the Tokyo Olympics should force Canon to finalize the announcement (and launch) shortly before the summer.

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