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Must Read: Roger's (Lensrentals) wisdom on Disinfecting Gear amid COVID-19
Must Read: Roger's (Lensrentals) wisdom on Disinfecting Gear amid COVID-19
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Must Read: Roger's (Lensrentals) wisdom on Disinfecting Gear amid COVID-19

After being in the hospital for 4 days because of a possible COVID-19 infection, this hits me a little closer to home now than perhaps a week ago (Yes, I'm fine.  No COVID, but the threat was real).

Roger is a former physician (never knew that!), and imparts some wisdom from LensRentals and himself about how to clean and properly disinfect your gear.  The virus can be transmittable for days on some surfaces, so if you are sharing cameras and gear, I'd suggest changing that policy to halt until things cool off a bit.  If you can't, then take what Roger says to heart and please follow. 

I would also follow Roger's wisdom on devices such as your keyboard and mouse.  But be careful with regular water and soap on those surfaces.  Isopropyl Alcohol should be fine on those surfaces, but clean them when the power is off, and wait until they are fully dry.

I think all of us should follow Rogers advice here if we are actively using our gear in public.  As always, please be safe in these troubled times.

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