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BCN Awards for 2019: Canon remains #1 in mirrorless for Japan Market
BCN Awards for 2019: Canon remains #1 in mirrorless for Japan Market
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BCN Awards for 2019: Canon remains #1 in mirrorless for Japan Market

The BCN awards for the year 2019 are now out.  Confusingly, BCN calls these awards the BCN 2020 awards.

BCN records sales receipts from over 60% of all Japan retailers. BCN gives a highly accurate look at the Japan market.   The Japan market is important to the camera companies.  It's the market with the least distribution costs, it's their home turf and per capita more Japanese purchase cameras than anywhere else in the world.

For mirrorless cameras, the BCN rankings are:

Mirrorless Cameras

  • Canon 30.9%
  • Sony 25.9%
  • Olympus 23.4%

For lenses, Sony makes a huge leap and a surprise one at that and moves way up to #2.

Interchangeable Lenses

  • Canon 19.9%
  • Sony 16.9%
  • Nikon 14.4%

And finally for Compact Cameras, Canon takes the #1 crown.

Compact Cameras

  • Canon 39.3%
  • Nikon 22.9%
  • Sony 15.2%

CanonNews has produced a nice graph of the mirrorless marketshare over time.  While Canon jumped out to the lead last year, their overall marketshare has slipped and Sony has increased their marketshare.  Interestingly the big 3 have taken up the most marketshare this year than any year since 2012.

View all the BCN data here

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